News:: Had a few additional tracks added for existing artists,
a glorious lofi slice of electronica from Marshall Watson who explains "i was just playing around with this casio, and then somewhere in the middle of tinkering around, i started to like what i was doing and finished it"! Absolutely brilliant, it's name is 'Lower Bitrate'. Brandon Reid Huey in his 'Crashed by Car' guise supplied us with another composition of acoustic instrumentation and electronics, which fits really well with his other releases. New one is named 'Mongolian Hi Fi'.

News:: Well the rain is absolutely pissing down outside, i guess thats summer over for london! At least you got your net connection, and we got the new music, so you know its gonna work out fine! Two new artists added - NYC born, Florida bred and Barcelona based sonic artist gregg kowalsky's solo project Osso Bucco provides two related compositions of processed emotive textures, while Marshall Watson lays down two tracks of crunchy beats laden with fragile melody.We get our drugs drom inexpharm